A project at the intersection of art and ecology, based on the ethos of Eternal Forest project that Evgenia Emets, a Portugal – based artist, has developed over the past 3 years, http://eternalforest.earth/. The purpose of the ongoing multidisciplinary art project is to create 1000 Eternal Forest Sanctuaries and to protect them for 1000 years, through art, ecology and community engagement. One of the central parts of this project is creating an international network of artists working with forest ecologies.

In this project, which will be developed specifically in the framework of Associação SOS Arte PT, in line with other activities, artists will be invited to apply for a 3-day immersive art camp in the Monsanto Forest Park, Lisbon. It will be held in a facilitated way while artists get to know the biodiversity, the history of the creation of Monsanto Forest Park, and work within the forest ecosystem.

The 3-day immersive art camp will include a guided experience: through contemplative practice, the invited artists will be able to dive deep into connecting with the locale and through this work on their artistic ideas towards the project. It will also include a workshop with biodiversity specialists from Monsanto Forest Park Biodiversity Center.

Eternal Forest, Evgenia Emets, 2019

There will also be a creative brainstorming of artist’s ideas inside the forest to offer the artists feedback on their proposals and ideas.

After the 3-day art camp, during the period of 3 months, the artists will develop a project based on a creative brief, informed and inspired by the idea of Eternal Forest Sanctuary and their experience during the art camp in Monsanto. They are invited to create a series of artworks, some of which can be installed as temporary artworks inside the dedicated forest space, some of which will become immersive experiences and some of which will form an exhibition to take place later in the year in a dedicated space.

The project is focused on deepening human relationship with forest and nature, developing artistic vision alongside learning with the ecosystem, an approach to co-creating with the forest ecosystem. The outcomes of this work can be artworks which are becoming part of this forest and also works available for sale in the white-cube gallery space.

The project will be produced with partners, such as Monsanto Forest Park, Camara Municipal Lisboa, Eternal Forest organisation, a chosen exhibition space,  and a scientific partner.


Eternal Forest presentation http://www.evgeniaemets.vision/

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Monsanto Forest Park, Evgenia Emets, 2021

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